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5 Ways Paula Abdul Could Have Extended Her Music Career

After releasing the single “Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up” in 1996, Paula Abdul changed her focus to a career in television. She returned to the pop scene in 2008’s “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” with American Idol Judge Randy Jackson followed by the 2009 single, “I’m Just Here For The Music.”

Paula has reported that she’s been working on a new album of material since 1997 when she was signed to Mercury Records. In 1998, The Island/Def Jam Music Group acquired Mercury Records and dropped several artists from their roster including Paula before she completed her album. Eighteen years later, Paula isn't signed to a label, and a new album still hasn't materialized.

I've been a fan of Paula Abdul's for many years now.  Often, I can't help but think about what "could-have-been" when it comes to the future of her music career.  As you already know, Paula had 2 mega-successful albums "Forever Your Girl" and "Spellbound" with a platinum …