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What's Next For Kylie Minogue?


After Kylie’s 2011 Aphrodite Les Follies Tour wraps up and the Aphrodite chapter comes to a clos, what’s next for Ms. Minogue? I’m here with my wishlist. First, I would like to see a Live “Aphrodite Tour” album and DVD package ala “Fever2002” and “X2008” Tours. Then I would like to see Kylie release 4 unique albums…

Kylie Minogue: Duets
The first album I would like is a “Duets” album featuring new and old duets (she already is off to a good start having recorded duets with Keith Washington, Taio Cruz, Robbie Williams, Jason Donovan, Pet Shop Boys and Nick Cave over the years.)

Christmas with Kylie
I would like to see Kylie release a Christmas / Holiday album. Kylie’s recorded two festive tracks- “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” for Band Aid and an amazing Marilyn Monroe-ish remake of Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”. Many artists put out a holiday album, and in Kylie’s career she’s yet to put one out… I think Christmas 2011 is a good time to finall…

Kylie Minogue - Better Than Today

I fell in love with Kylie Minogue's "Better Than Today" the moment Kylie debuted it on her North American Tour - and I was extremely disappointed it was not the lead single. Everyone at the shows loved it - and the choreography was spectacular. Mind you, the version performed at the show and the single version on the Aphrodite album are different and Stuart Price totally jacked up Nerina's and Andy's original production... it's still a quality track overall and should have an easier time hitting the top 10 spot on the charts.

The official music video is out now! Directed by Kylie herself with the help of her touring crew... I think the video does the song justice... and I'm thrilled about the microphone stand dancing, and the pink wigs on the shoulders of the dancers!
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Kylie Minogue Sings "Better Than Today" On X Factor 2010- Full

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Enigma Social Song

Enigma Social Song

My main man Michael Cretu - the man behind Enigma is giving his fans a chance to collaborate with him on a song... check it out.
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Kylie Minogue “Aphrodite” Full Album Review

Kylie Minogue “Aphrodite” Album Review

Date: Wed, Jun 30th, 2010

Before we begin, I know the hardcore Kylie fans will love everything she does and will defend any criticism; and Kylie skeptics may not like anything she does. I’m a Kylie realist and consider all of the angles: positive and negative… artistic, commercial, fan reception and so on. I’m well versed on Kylie’s career and am judgmental because I am a fan who cares about Kylie’s longevity commercially… I really like some things she’s done, and at times she’s made some serious mistakes (“Body Language”) and I am going to be honest about all sides of the equation… so please read this article with an open mind.“Aphrodite” is Kylie Minogue’s first studio album in three years, since her 2007 release, "X". This is Kylie’s 11th studio album. Parlophone announced the release of the album on April 20th 2010 along with a short snippet of the lead single "All the Lovers" on Minogue's web-site. "All the Lovers…