What's Next For Kylie Minogue?


After Kylie’s 2011 Aphrodite Les Follies Tour wraps up and the Aphrodite chapter comes to a clos, what’s next for Ms. Minogue? I’m here with my wishlist. First, I would like to see a Live “Aphrodite Tour” album and DVD package ala “Fever2002” and “X2008” Tours. Then I would like to see Kylie release 4 unique albums…

Kylie Minogue: Duets
The first album I would like is a “Duets” album featuring new and old duets (she already is off to a good start having recorded duets with Keith Washington, Taio Cruz, Robbie Williams, Jason Donovan, Pet Shop Boys and Nick Cave over the years.)

Christmas with Kylie
I would like to see Kylie release a Christmas / Holiday album. Kylie’s recorded two festive tracks- “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” for Band Aid and an amazing Marilyn Monroe-ish remake of Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”. Many artists put out a holiday album, and in Kylie’s career she’s yet to put one out… I think Christmas 2011 is a good time to finally do this.

I’d love to add a full Kylie Christmas album to my holiday music collection. It's an easy sell for Kylie since people are fond of holiday albums.

The Kylie Minogue Jazz LP
On Kylie’s DVD documentary “White Diamond” Kylie recorded several Jazz tracks including a remake of “Diamonds (Are a Girls Best Friend”), a track called “Try Your Wings, "I'm Hip", "You Are There", and a previously unheard 2002 Madonna penned track given to Minogue (by co-writer Rick Nowels) titled, "Alone Again", is also featured on the to the documentary. “I Put A Spell On You” a track which remains unreleased.

A Jazz album would display a more grown-up sound to reflect how Kylie’s sound has matured. Kylie has mentioned in interviews that ‘An acoustic album or performance would be fun.’ So this idea might not be too far off.

Kylie was on the brink of recording a cover album of songs by the late US jazz singer Blossom Dearie, who died last year. ‘There are so many things floating around. I wanted to do a Kylie Sings Blossom album and I actually met Blossom Dearie just before she died,’ she told Attitude magazine. ‘We had to track her down, I wanted her to play piano or have something to do with it,’ Minogue said of the failed plans. ‘I started recording her songs. A couple ended up on the White Diamond soundtrack because they sounded great,’ she said.

Kylie Minogue: Unreleased / B-Sides
Hundreds of unreleased, rare and b-side tracks have been recorded over the years and have yet to see the light of day such as "I'm Just Here For The Music", "White Diamond (Radio Edit)", "Boombox", "Ruffle My Feathers", "Flower", and so on.

Occasionally, a track leaks online and fans rejoice but why not pick out a dozen or more tracks that have already been recorded and release them as a package for fans to enjoy? The tracks are not making money for anyone when they are just sitting on the shelf… and since they are demos, and unreleased tracks it could be issued in a limited release just for the fans- possibly at a higher retail price point?

These tracks are begging to be released! Between B-sides and Unreleased Tracks, Kylie Minogue has the probability of another INSTANT HIT ALBUM (think “Fever” all over again) just sitting on the shelves inside Parlophone. Those tracks are the makings of an INCREDIBLE Kylie album!

So now we anxiously await information about Kylie's 2011 US Tour and can't wait to see what Kylie has in store for 2011 and beyond. We'll have to revist this post in a year or two and see if any of my predictions / wishes came true.

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